TGI is a holding and investment company with portfolio companies in the telecommunications, Petroleum & Mining Services, Real Estate and Development, and Financial Services sectors.

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Founded in 2007 by Alexander Thomson-Payan with an initial focus on the mobile phone sector through its subsidiary ELECTRIX, the firm launched ESS in 2010 as a services and solutions provider for major multinational companies. ESS gave birth to ERE, a brokerage and development company specializing in real estate and serving many of the same clients as ESS. In late 2013 TGI launched its own brand of mobile phones, 7-Mobile, which is expanding throughout sub-Saharan Africa. The TGI companies are now the standard for excellence and project execution in the Angolan market across myriad industries and sectors.

TGI employs over 30 professionals representing eleven nationalities (Angola, Argentina, Brazil, China, Colombia, France, Portugal, Mexico, South Africa, United Kingdom and USA).


Angola is definitely the place to be in business. Blessed with an abundance of natural resources and a quickly developing economy that has had little global integration for the last 40 years, the market is in a unique position for growth and attracting investment.

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In Angola one sees an extreme example of the mismatch between supply and demand that has created a market where people are paying USD $10,000 for a two-bedroom apartment with one year of rent upfront, USD $300 for a casual dinner for two, and USD $15 for a kilo of tomatoes, in addition to many other similarly overpriced everyday goods and services.

Unsurprisingly, Luanda has been repeatedly rated as the most expensive city in the world for expatriates, surpassing perennial winners such as Tokyo, Moscow, London, and Zurich.

Today opportunity-rich Angola is making great strides in investing in its infrastructure and other industries formerly devastated by decades of war.

The country is in the privileged position of being China’s number one supplier of petroleum and is set to surpass Nigeria as Africa’s leading petroleum producer in 2015. Formally the third top exporter of coffee in the world, Angola also has 20 percent of Sub-Saharan Africa’s water supply, and has some of the most fertile land in the African continent, yet it imports billions of dollars of food and other consumables every year.

Understanding the market context creates amazing opportunities in almost every sector and extremely attractive returns on investments. Angola is by far the largest (excluding South Africa), most dynamic and most exciting market in Southern Africa. Angolan GDP is larger than those of Mozambique, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia, Democratic Republic of Congo and Malawi combined.

Proving stable and peaceful after the 2012 elections, Angola contradicts traditional risk vs. rewards economics. Its perceived risk is much greater than actual risk, leading to higher returns on relatively low-risk investments. Working with a team like TGI that has market expertise and established infrastructure enables investors worldwide to participate in the unique opportunities available in Angola.

With programs such as ANIP (The Angolan Government Investment Bureau), the Angolan government has made it extremely attractive for foreign direct investment, providing incentives such as 100% foreign ownership of Angolan companies, 5-year tax exemptions, more lenient visa restrictions and the ability to repatriate profits.


TGI is an active member of the Angolan community, and participates in a number of local events and organizations whose goals are the betterment of life in Angola.

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Our programs focus primarily on education and health issues, such as HIV/AIDS and malaria. TGI also sponsors the Angolan National Amputee Football Team, composed of victims of land mines.